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Monument – Hunnegem (Belgium)


A Sad Day for the city of Geraardsbergen

Bombardment 22 May 1944

Gasthuisstraat – Fort Vanderhaeghen – Brewery Concordia – Priory Hunnegem

On 29 September 2018, at the request of the board of HUGE Museums under the guidance of David Larmuseau, a memorial was unveiled by the members of Wings of Memory in the gardens of the Priory Hunnegem. The monument, a design by Stefan Delannoit that was developed by Dominique Diericx of the publicity business Grafido and realized by them both, is an ode to the twelve fallen civilian victims who perished in a bombardment of 22 May 1944 in the Gasthuisstraat, Fort Vanderhaeghen, brewery Concordia and Hunnegem site. The monument built in perspective consists of three layers of aluminium plate (dibond) at the back and in the middle the nameplate with all the victims was attached. The UV resistant foil colour print gives a realistic representation of a blasting moment.

The intention was for the Allies to bomb the German-occupied marshalling yard but unfortunately the bombs ended up in the wrong place. Sadly, this happened several times during WW2, a black moment for the city, the population and the family of the victims.

During the unveiling, we had the honour to welcome relatives of the victims, thanks to them and some fellow citizens we were allowed to use old documents and photos for which we are grateful.

After the unveiling, all attendees were invited to the reception that was offered by the board of museums Hunnegem.

Hereby also thanks to the board Huge museums for the cooperation.