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Wings of Memory en COVID-19

During the difficult Covid period, WOM also thinks at the boys who gave us our freedom. Various initiatives were taken so that attention was paid to the commemorations on the right day. There was an appeal trough internet to do something for VE Day 75 years, Remembrance Day (USA) & ANZAC Day and to share photos via social media. WOM took this to heart and did a commemoration for VE Day 08 May 2020 at the cemetery in Geraardsbergen, where 3 Crews are buried. (photos VE Day 75 years and add video)

On ANZAC Day April 25, 2020 at 6:00 am. in the morning they commemorate from their own garden. The photos were shared and a response was received from distant New Zealand & Australia with sincere thanks for the commitment. (Photos & Movie ANZAC Day)

Also on May 25, 2020, the American Remembrance Day, a tribute was paid to the monument in Zandbergen. (photos US Zandbergen)

All were done using the imposed Covid Measures.